Election in Finland: Difficult Coalition Building Ahead

Social Democrats become the biggest party in the Finnish parliamentary election of April 14, followed by the Finns Party. Greens and Left Alliance make significant advances, National Coalition Party maintains its position.

Difficult coalition building ahead. The Finns Party probably out, even if the National Coalition Party might want to flirt with it if only to threaten social democrats with the possibility of right-wing coalition in order to get a better negotiating position.

The Greens likely to be in any foreseeable coalition. The Swedish People’s Party also quite likely junior partner. The Left Alliance got the first advance in seats since 1995. Not impossible that they would also enter the government, but hard to find common agenda if the National Coalition Party also in. The Center Party lost big time, but it is not impossible that it could be a useful piece in some coalition, perhaps along the lines of the classical Popular Front governments.

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