Can Finnish Identity Become Less Corporate-Centered without Nokia?

Nokia used to form part of Finland’s national identity. This was evident also when the first non-Finn, Stephen Elop, was appointed Nokia’s CEO.

Jorma Ollila commented in Financial Times in September 2010, that the appointment of Elop would not alter the “special relationship” of Nokia with Finland.

Of course, the importance of Nokia has already been declining for some years. Last night’s deal in which most of Nokia was sold to Microsoft obviously implies a less Nokia-centered identity for Finland. Can it also contribute to a less corporate-centered identity?

What could a less corporate-driven identity look like? Memories of the Winter War? How about the public library system and the world-historically early political rights for women?

Will national identity remain something that we should argue about? I may have some cosmopolitan doubts. To the extent it will, however, friends of democracy should contribute to national identity with elements that go beyond military and business.

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