The Left, State Power and Elections in Ecuador

Rafael Correa will soon be another example of left-leaning South American presidents reelected through popular vote. Compared to earlier times, when I have been observing elections in Ecuador, the situation looks clearly better for the people. At the same time, it is important that there are also leftist and social movement alternative voices to remind the left-leaning presidents of issues that they sometimes forget when holding to state power. One of the main dilemmas for many of the Latin American left-leaning governments comes from social and ecological concerns that are often sacrificed to create export earnings.

In the elections that enter into the final moment today, some of these questions have been voiced by indigenous movements, leftist parties and others gathered around the candidacy of Alberto Acosta. I cannot claim to know all the details to make a full comparison between all the pros and cons of the projects proposed by Correa and Acosta. Also, it is clear that Correa will win the election and many of his main adversaries represent social forces and ideas that are harmful for the Ecuadorean people and Latin American future. I guess my main point here is that while many of us will toast for the victory of Raphael Correa against the oligarchs, let us at the same time keep an eye on what will happen to the demands of the indigenous and other social movements in Ecuador.

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